Buffalo Airways Ltd.

Buffalo Airways is our main partner. We couldn't run this virtual airline without them! Since Buffalo Virtual was set up, our real-world counterpart has been highly supportive and continues to support us to this day.



Buffalo Air Wear.

Buffalo Air Wear is Buffalo Airways's clothing company. We have teamed up with Buffalo Airwear to give our pilots a 10% discount on their products. Buffalo Air Wear is a great place to show your support for the old piston-pounders that run today!



Mikey McBryan's Plane Savers

Mikey McBryan was born in Hay River, Northwest Territories on the 27th of November 1982. After finishing school and college he kept working in his father’s business, the airline Buffalo Airways. He is the airline’s General Manager. Mikey is known for his appearance on the TV Show “Ice Pilots NWT” that features the daily operations of his dad’s airline Buffalo Airways. In private Mikey likes to play video games like NHL 94 that he also produced a movie about called “Pixelated Heroes”. He as well creates tournaments about this video game that always connect a lot of people throughout North America.  On his YouTube Channel, Mikey shares short films that showcase his life in aviation. In every new video, he continues to improve his skills as a story teller. Stick around to see what happens next!
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ORBX Simulation Systems

ORBX is one of the leading developer of scenery for flight simulation since 2006. Having published over 800 products, upgrading the flight experience of thousands of simmers, Orbx is known for its high-quality and high-tech products developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane 11, P3D and FSX. Quarterly, Orbx sponsors our competitions and random drawings, providing a free title selection to the winner of our their choosing.



TFDi Design

TFDi Design is a Flight Simulation-based technology and software development company. Their project types vary, but revolve around the concept of bringing efficiency and modern technology into the flight simulation world. TFDi Design has a strong foundation in the virtual airline community and proudly represents itself as a growing community member. Buffalo Airways Virtual has been very thankful for TFDi's close and continuing support since our VAs move smartCARS 3 in January 2024.



Simulated Air Tanker Operations

Simulated Air Tanker Operations (SATO) is dedicated to the support and development of content for use in flight simulation to replicate real world aerial wildfire firefighting operations.  SATO prides itself in cooperative content creation with other creators and individual internal development of items for use within the flight simulation community. Primarily Microsoft Flight Simulator series of products and Lockheed-Martin's Prepar3D series of products are those supported within this group. Their goal is to continue to move this niche forward as well as the entire simulated aviation world. Creating more realistic environments for professional support or to just the day flier that loves watching firefighting aircraft or operations. They strive to try and bring those aircraft and experiences you see, home, to your simulator. Even when it's not their content, they gladly share and support community member information to help get the word out. SATO also cooperates with numerous groups and virtual companies for support of their virtual aircraft and some of their operations. 

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FSX - P3D Liveries on SOH


Golden Age Simulations

Buffalo Airways Virtual has obtained a promotional link for Golden Age Simulations - Naval Aircraft Factory N3N-3 released in the summer of 2022 for FSX - P3Dv5! Thanks to GAS for their generosity and creating a simulation of the N3N Mk III, allowing us an opportunity to experience a taste of Buffalo Joe's Private Collection. Golden Age Simulations began, in 2006, with the mission of bringing to the world of flight simulation the aircraft of the Golden Age of Flight; that period between the Great War and World War II. Their aircraft are designed to simulate, to the fullest extent possible, those iconic aircraft of that era. If you believe that the hum of wind in the wires and the rumble of round motors are the songs of flight, then their simulations are for you. 

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